Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello friends!

Sorry that I've been absent with my blog lately. Life has been a little busy and I haven't been baking much lately. To top that off, this entry is about a box mix and not a homemade recipe. Eek! But I wanted to tell you about a delicious new pancake mix I discovered. It's Quaker Oatmeal pancakes. So good! I like pancakes (even though I only have them occasionally) and was looking for a healthier alternative to pancakes. Lo and behold, I saw this box on the shelf and decided to try it. I was very, very pleased. They had substance, but weren't dense. Anyway, you should buy a box and try it. And if you're feeling adventurous put peanut butter on top instead of regular butter. It adds protein and is soooo good. My Grandma Sanders is the one that taught me about peanut butter on pancakes. She also put bacon bits on hers which I don't do, but some of you make want to give it a try. Especially those that are bacon crazy (Gillian).

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  1. ahhhhh ha ha ha ha! i was JUST having the bacon conversation with another friend the other day! i love it so much! i'm so glad you're back! =)