Monday, August 30, 2010

Because I'm Selfless

I have a question that is plaguing me when it comes to my cookies, so I need to do one more variation before I rest. Since I want the truest answer, I'm going to use bar chocolate, not chips. I dropped by the International Wine Center because I've heard they have some delicious chocolate. Well, they better because boy howdy is it pricey. It was definitely the most expensive chocolate I've ever purchased. And the costliest bar isn't even close to being enough for a batch of cookies.

But I wanted to try a couple to compare flavors because I'm selfless and want to provide the most accurate blog ever. It's a sacrifice I must make as a chef. To take the road of...chocolate. No need to thank me, I can feel your gratitude radiating through my computer.

Let's begin this experiment, shall we?

(Oh, and if you have Mumford & Sons, please turn on their music while you read. That's my listening music today.)

(Um, the above comment about being a chef and having the most accurate blog? Please cross those off the list. I'm neither a chef nor have the time to make 100% certain that I'm 100% accurate. Plus, I like to make things up. Shhh. Don't tell.)

(One more thing, the chocolate is not the plaguing question. I'm not going to delve into that until I run my trial.)

This was the most expensive chocolate. I had to sell a kidney. Okay, I didn't sell a kidney. But this was the moment in the store where I realized I should really set a cooking budget each month. And it wasn't obscenely expensive, it was just pricey for the amount of chocolate you get for the moolah.

It was my least favorite. I wouldn't buy it again. Sorry van Gogh. (Doesn't it look like van Gogh on the packaging? And I typed van Gosh twice before getting it right. True story.)

Second most expensive per ounce. I love the packaging because of the wax seal and there's a love poem inside!

Isn't this the cutest, loveliest chocolate ever??!!

This bar is what I'll use when I bake my cookies.

I liked this one the best. I still won't be buying it routinely. I'm not willing to pay this much when I've been happy with my Wal-Mart chocolate bar. I was happy that the cheapest one came out victorious. When I try higher quality things I get nervous. I worry that I'm going to fall in love with something that I cannot have somewhat regularly or that I will truly need to sell a kidney to have it in my life. I like my kidneys.

Here's what I've noticed about higher quality chocolate: It falls apart into layers. Because it's less waxy? Because it's a truer product? Because of the type of production? Because fate says so? I have no idea why, but it does.

Don't you feel like you learned so much from this investigative reporting? No? You don't? Well, then you should probably conduct your own research. It's imperative actually. Go on. Buy your chocolate. It's all in the name of science.


  1. Maybe we really should ask Alton...or Askinose. He is closer.

  2. I have made your recipe for chocolate chip cookies a couple times now...and I have to tell you they are fantastic!! The first time I made them was for 4 of my guy friends...and they wrote a song about how good they were. Thanks for sharing!!