Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zebra Cake

A while back I was checking out the blog King Arthur Flour. They made a cake that had zebra stripes. Zebra stripes!!!! Neato mosquito, right? About a week ago, we had a murder mystery dinner party (more on that later) and I decided to make Crazy Cupcakes and a zebra cake. I've made the Crazy Cupcakes before. Delicious. I decided to make the zebra cake with two mixes because of time constraints. I'm happy that I did because when I went back to review the instructions, I saw that reviews of the flavor of the cake were not good.

Guess what? It's easy. I was a bit of a misfit, so my zebra stripes aren't perfect. Here's what you do: take the white cake and pour about 3 Tablespoons into the center of your pan. Then, drop 3 Tablespoons of the chocolate onto the center of the white. Then the white onto the chocolate, then the chocolate onto the white. Does that make sense? Well, my ability to center and such went awry so my stripes shifted a bit. But, the result was still a super fun cake.

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  1. This boggles my brain. Or paints my stripes. (heh!) Love it!