Monday, November 1, 2010

This is bigger than food...

I promise not to abuse my blog with political agendas, but I just have to say this because it's bigger than food...

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 2) is voting day. Every time you vote you allow your voice to be heard. You take part in your right and duty as a citizen to help shape our government. We seem to have forgotten that the government is controlled by the people and that it exists for the people. So, tomorrow is your chance to be heard, to take back control over what's happening, and to say we will no longer tolerate the politicians having their own selfish agendas. I'm not here to say who you should vote for or the way you should vote on the issues. That's up to you. It's your right and your voice. I'm simply saying: Use your power and vote.

Plus, you'll get a cool sticker.

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