Friday, October 29, 2010

Not Quite Qdoba

I love the seasoning and flavor of Qdoba's shredded beef. I have no idea what they do to it, but I want to replicate it. I've tried a couple variations with no success. The dishes have been delicious, but not like Qdoba.

This week I tried using the Williams-Sonoma Chili-Lime Rub to see if the seasoning would get me any closer.

The flavor may not be Qdoba's, but I still liked what this rub offered.

I love cooking meat in my crockpot. It's easy and allows for longer cooking. Since I buy higher quality meat with less fat, a longer cooking time allows the meat to become more tender.

Five hours later. A fair amount of the water is gone and the roast has shrunk considerably. Even though it was cooked at this point, I left it in for a couple more hours to tenderize. At some point I switched the setting to warm to prevent it from drying out.


Roasts always make good meals, but they also make fantastic leftover sandwiches.

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