Sunday, September 12, 2010

German Ginger Ale

Do you see this ginger ale? Burn it into your memory, let it linger in your heart. Now, promise yourself that you'll never ever drink it. Or at least, promise that you'll never take a big hearty swig of it.

See that innocent pink cap on the left? That pink does not mean sweet and innocent, it means the burning heat of hell. Okay, it means hot. The pink capped ginger ale had a spicy heat to it. This heat will clear out your sinuses in 0.2 seconds. It is not an enjoyable, refreshing ginger ale. It is simply mean. The gold cap means mild. By mild they mean, you'll breathe smoke instead of fire.

So here are the lessons for the day:
The Germans, creators of this ginger ale, are crazy. Or else they're cackling in Germany at this huge prank they're playing on the Americans.

Try this with friends if you ever find it. It will be a bonding experience.

My uncle may or may not dislike me. He suggested I try these.

I'm still smoldering in my mouth....12 hours after ingestion.

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  1. "my uncle may or may not dislike me" Girly, you are hilarious!