Friday, September 3, 2010

Ode to Peaches

It's almost the end of peach season. If you haven't made peach crisp yet, you really should. Of course, you'll be overjoyed when you taste it and then you'll kick yourself for not making it sooner. The moral of the story: don't wear shoes when tasting it. It'll make the kicks less painful. I know, I'm a nurse. (Okay, maybe that logic doesn't fit, but doesn't it sound like it gives my reasoning some weight? After all, I'm a healthcare professional.) I suppose you can make it with canned peaches...yuck, I actually shuddered when writing that. No, forget that I wrote that. Forget it right now. Promise yourself that you'll never stoop to that level. I refuse to use canned peaches (can you tell I'm anti-canned peaches?), so yesterday I made my last peach crisp of the summer.

Peaches, beautiful peaches

Then I sang and danced as I said goodbye. And then I laughed like a maniac and then I cowered in fear because storms were coming. And then I grabbed my blankie and sucked my thumb. Okay, I didn't do those things because I was actually in my car when the sirens went off and the worst of the storm was occurring. Thankfully Stalena was with me, so I only mildly (or moderately) panicked. We made it home without being escorted by a tornado, so all is well. Today is storm-free (so far) and the joy of peach crisp has overshadowed the storms of last night. Three cheers for peach crisp!

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