Sunday, October 10, 2010

Strawberry Pizza

You say strawberry, I'll say yum. I love strawberries. I have noticed from time to time that I'm partial to red things. Strawberries, red Skittles....hmmm. I guess I'm not as partial as I thought. I'm was going to bring in the psychology of being a redhead, but it appears I have no real case. Oh! I have red and beige kitchen towels. My cell phone is red...though that's more because I didn't like the blue and the black had yet to come out. I love, love, love my friend/sister Jenny who has red hair. Wow. I feel like my world just turned upside down. Who am I? What does it all mean? Are you my mother? (Yes, it is official. I'm a nutcase. I embrace it, you should too.)

Anyway, this is bake-off recipe #3 from eameyer.

What can I say about Mrs. Meyer? She's encouraging, supportive, and enjoys pirates. It's so invaluable to have mentors like Mrs. M and Pam. I always appreciate and try to soak in their wisdom. Case-in-point: Strawberry Pizza. Here's her recipe:

1 roll of Pillsbury Cookie Dough
1 pckg of Strawberry Glaze
2 qts strawberries (cut as much as you like should spread over entire pizza at least 2 layers of strawberries thick)
1 pckg of creamed cheese
1/2- 3/4 cup sugar (less sugar leave more kick in cream cheese)
1-2 tsp of vanilla to taste.
1 med container of cool whip. (light is option)

Roll out cookie dough on a pizza pan. Bake 10 min at 350 (or whatever package says) til just golden brown.

Mix cream cheese, vanilla and sugar. Spread over cooled cookie dough.

Cut strawberries mix with glaze. Put on top of cream cheese layer.

Top with Cool Whip. Chill. Tastes great on day one but day two is better.

You can make this in less calorie version by getting sugar free glaze, going easier on the sugar and using light cool whip.
[This recipe] came in the shape of a giant heart on my first ever "I have a fiance" valentines day.

Important note: As I was previewing the text, I remembered that I used to like red Skittles the best. I don't eat them often, but I would say the orange and purple are my preference. I'm an even bigger fraud than I thought, but I digress. (Okay, I guess that was more of a note rather than an important note. Eh.)

Here's the result for Mrs. M:

I'm at a loss on this one. I bought a glaze that I had never tried before and, frankly, will never buy again. Luckily, I tasted it before mixing with the strawberries. So what's a girl to do? The recipe calls for glaze and yet I feared that since I didn't like this particular glaze that it would skew the results. I was torn. I whimpered, I wailed, I danced a jig, and then I decided to make a small portion with the glaze and the rest without.

I (along with the roommates) scored both. We were even selfless enough to try a bite with and without the Cool-Whip. I was happier without the glaze as was Stalena, but Sesha loved the one with glaze. This is why I'm happy to have three voters. I love strawberries, so this pizza was absolutely delightful.

I must say that I have not purchased pre-made cookie dough in a loooooong time. I think my soul cried a little when I did. Okay, that's dramatic, but it did feel weird. I felt like a fake. I have somewhere, somehow placed myself into the "homemade" category. I like cooking from scratch. It makes me happy. I never would have guessed that I would end up loving cooking and being in the kitchen as much as I do. It's funny how life works out.

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