Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did Someone Say Free Cookbook??!!

1. It's been cold today.

2. I have coconut cake baking, bread rising, shredded pork cooling, and chocolate chip cooking dough chilling.

3. I watched Chuck's Day Off yesterday and now have a mini-crush.

4. The PW sent back my cookbook signed and I squealed like a 7-year-old girl.

5. This week I accepted a position in the Neonatal Intensive Care.

6. School resumes in one week officially.

7. My quilting class starts tomorrow and I'm not sure if I can even effectively operate my new sewing machine.

8. I plan on standing in line for hours in a few weeks to meet the PW on her book tour.

9. I love Jimmy Fallon.

10. David Cook is seemingly wrapping up his sophomore album.

Because of all these things and because I want an American Eskimo dog (but will not be getting one at this point)....

I'm giving away a copy of the Barefoot Contessa's How Easy Is That? cookbook. It's true. This is not a farce people.

To enter, write a comment below telling me what makes you squeal like a 7-year-old girl. I'll accept entries until midnight PST on Friday. Good luck!


  1. omg i love barefoot contessa! i just adore her.

    what makes me squeal like a 7 year old girl? changing out of my uncomfortable work clothes into fluffy pajamas and jumping into my bed under the covers. i still think its the best feeling in the world!

    clarahuh at

  2. I found your blog via I am glad I did it looks fun! I squealed like a 7 year old girl this Christmas when I received Chuck Season 4 on DVD. I LOVE that show! :)

  3. I squeal like a 7 year old girl when I open a new cookbook...and see all the lovely things I want to make!! :)

  4. I squealed like a little kid at Christmas yesterday morning when one of our chickens laid its first egg. :-D

    Hope you figure out your sewing machine!

  5. Hi Amy!

    With Ashley, I found your website on Marrywell... and I'm excited to follow a bit!

    Things that make me squeal like a 7-year-old include... getting Parmesan cheese in a package in the mail (I'm a missionary in Tanzania and cheese is nearly impossible to get here), seeing old friends for the first time in a long while, or finding amazing kid books for less than a dollar each. :)

  6. Hmmm, I haven't squealed like a 7-year-old in so long I am not sure what it could be. Oh, wait! I take it back. I was making chicken & dumplings last night and the pot started boiling over. I squealed like a 7-year-old. LOL

    I found your blog via A Farm Wife's Life.


  7. Well I am joining the chorus of people who found your site through Marry Well!

    I tend to squeal like a 7-year-old when I am really excited, ummmm recently it was I found out I won a scholarship sending me on an AMAZING trip!

  8. I squeal with delight when I find more people that like to cook like I do!!